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  • August 02, 2021 1 min read

    Tomorrow will be the sixth annual Professional Engineer's Day!

    What are you planning to celebrate this special day?

    Nothing?  Well, if that is the case then here are a few ideas:

    1.  Schedule an online trivia game with your coworkers!  Use a free online service such as CrowdPurr to host virtual trivia rounds on topics such as Science or Technology... or create your own custom questions  to have some fun with the group!

    2.  Recognize your fellow PEs online for a job well done!  This might be during an online department meeting, or in an online company forum, or even in a public forum such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.  Recognizing someone in this way costs you nothing, but it certainly boosts the morale of the person that you're recognizing.

    3.  Post your own PE story to social media!  You could describe an accomplishment that you're proud of, or share a funny experience that you've had as a PE, or even describe an ethical dilemma that you faced.  Use the hashtag #LicensedPEday and get the celebration trending.

    We're doing our part to celebrate PE Day by offering 15% off all of our courses from now through August 9th.  Just use the discount code "PEday2021" at checkout and save on your Continuing Education needs.

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