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  • August 09, 2021 1 min read

    Are you frustrated at work because something’s not working the way that it should?

    Maybe it’s the process that your firm uses to deliver a project to a client?
    … or maybe it’s a manufacturing process that’s underperforming?
    … or even a process that causes you to waste your time waiting for someone else?

    Well, the way to fix any of these processes is often to design quality into them!

    In this new 1 PDH video course, Dr. Michael Colburn leverages his 30+ years of experience as a Professional Engineer, Technical Consultant and an Associate Professor to teach you a systematic approach to Design Quality Into the Process.

    His methodology applies to all kinds of processes: manufacturing processes, office work processes and even digital processes!

    By breaking a process down into five “Quality Checkpoints”, and asking specific probing questions about each one, you will gain the insights that you need to ensure that the process flows without defects from end to end.

    This course is accepted as a valid Continuing Education course by 28 states, including the very stringent Ohio Board of Engineering and Surveying. This is because the class length is timed, your participation is monitored, and you are awarded a compliant Certificate of Completion immediately upon completion of the course.

    Best of all, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will provide you with a full refund if you are not satisfied with the course in any way.

    Act now and get this course for 40% off- the lowest price that this course will ever be offered for. This introductory pricing will only be available until Wednesday, August 18th so click the button below to take advantage now!


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