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    I founded Pro Engineer Development in 2019 when I realized that there was a need for high-quality online courses for Professional Engineers and Surveyors. 

    I’m a Professional Engineer in the State of Ohio, and as of 2017/2018 we are now required to complete two Professional Development Hours (PDH) of Engineering Ethics training every two years. 

    In the past I was always able to meet Ohio’s PDH requirements via the training that I normally received as part of my full-time job. However this doesn’t include Engineering Ethics training specifically (only Corporate wide ethics training) and so I was forced to look online for options  

    What I found online was truly disappointing.  

    Some of the instructors that I found online seemed to talk endlessly without actually providing valuable content.  It was obvious that they were being verbose just to fill the time and ensure that the course was the proper length of time.

    Other courses seemed to be made with hardly any effort at all- simply parroting the rules and regulations with no additional insight.

    To make matters worse, it was always unclear if some of those courses actually met the requirements for Ohio Continuing Education.  They all claimed that they did, but Ohio (and several other states) has specific requirements that need to be met regarding the timing of the course and monitoring individual participation.

    I realized after this experience that I could create better courses than these “PDH” websites, and offer them online in a format that would ensure compliance with the State of Ohio requirements. After all, I’ve had 28 years of experience in training and qualifying both managers and technicians on a range of technical topics. 

    So I created the Pro Engineer Development website and my first course called Ohio Engineering Ethics. The class soon became popular online and so I produced a second course, titled Engineering Ethics On Trial. Together these two courses satisfy the two PDH ethics requirement for Ohio, and are available as a Bundle Pack

    I’m looking forward to growing the website content, expanding to other states, and continuing to offer the best content available for Professional Engineer and Surveyor Continuing Education courses. 

    Best Regards,

    Christopher Koch, P.E.

    Founder, Pro Engineer Development