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Teach a Course

Are you a Professional Engineer who enjoys teaching others?

If so, you could be earning extra income right now from courses that you create for Pro Engineer Development!

We're looking for qualified Subject Matter Experts to work with us create online Continuing Education courses. 

Working as an independent consultant for Pro Engineer Development allows you to:

  • Earn "Passive Income" whenever someone enrolls in the course that you created
  • Get Started Easily working with us to record and produce the course
  • Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting of running the website, marketing the course and administration
  • Gain Satisfaction by educating other Professional Engineers with the knowledge and experience that you have gained during your career
  • Earn PDH Credit by teaching a course, as allowed by most states
  • Deepen Your Knowledge of the subject matter by creating a course on that topic and forcing yourself to learn it more thoroughly
  • Receive a Discount on all Pro Engineer Development courses!

Best of all, when you author courses for Pro Engineer Development, you can earn recurring revenuemonth after month, with no additional effort needed by you!

Take the first step by completing the form below.  We'll then contact you to explain the program in more detail and answer any questions that you may have.